Gone North along the Black Sea Coast – Varna, Cape Kaliakra & the Aladza Monastery / Kirándulás északra a Fekete tenger partján – Várna, Kaliakra-fok és az Aladzsa kolostor

 In Hungarian/magyarul – Kirándulás északra a Fekete tenger partján – Várna, Kaliakra-fok és az Aladzsa kolostor

So what to see in Bulgaria? Sofia, Plovdiv, Rila Monastery, 7 lakes at Rila…etc yes, but they are a bit far from Sunny Beach.
What is in the nearby? Ah yes, Nessebar, Sozopol, Varna, Cape Kaliakra, Balchik Botanical Garden & Palace, Aladza Monastery… You can see some interesting sights here too…
day off_10_Fotorhh


day off_17_Fotor
I have gone North for a day direction Varna. The City’s Cathedral is the most famous Orthodox church at the Bulgarian Black sea. It was built in the late 19th century and inside it is richly decorated with pictures of saints. It is really beautiful, worth a visit you just would have some problems with finding a parking place…

No, I wasn’t interested in the Dolphinarium…So I drove out of Varna towards the Cape Kaliakra. According to the Google Maps it takes 2,5 hours to get there from Sunny Beach. Well, it took for me 3 hours, because I was lost, yes, even with a gps map. On the way there you can stop at some sunflower fields or be able to see some cars from teh past, Trabis 🙂

Why is the Cape Kaliakra so important?

day off_14_Fotor

day off_08cLegend says that 40 Bulgarian girls tied their hair together and jumped into the Black Sea from here rather than being captured and raped/sent to the Harem in Constantinapole by the Ottomans.

There is an obelisk dedicated to this legend.
day off_24

day off_11_Fotor

day off_15

day off_20

day off_23
TBT, six years ago I visited it with some fellow reps too. Here are those picture.



Driving home I stopped at the Aladza Monastery. Not that difficult to find it, you just have to follow the signs. There are many cave monasteries in Bulgaria, the Aladzha Monastery is one of these from the middle ages. It must have taken a long time to carve these holes. The forest was inhabited by a daemon according to the legends…Brrr, I didn’t stay here long…

day off_33b
About following the signs in Varna back to Bourgas/Sunny beach I wouldn’t like to say anything bad, maybe I just saw it wrong but fact is I was going around and around and couldn’t find the exit from the city. After asking 2 people there was no problem anymore to go home.
Enjoy the pictures!



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