Jungle trekking in Cambodia – Kbal Spean, the Valley of a 1000 Lingas

During my last visit in 2010 I hadn’t even heard anything about Kbal Spean, but preparing for my second trip to Cambodia I was looking for some such excitement like what the Beng Mealea temple – the Indiana-Jones-jungle-temple – had given me last time.

img_0469Kbal Spean is set deep in the jungle 50 kilometers northeast of Angkor. It took for us for about 50 minutes to go there by tuk-tuk. There is no separate ticket, you can use your Angkor Park ticket to enter.

It wouldn’t be so difficult to hike it, it is just 1500 meters, but it goes uphill and there are a lot of obstacles like stones and roots on the ground and the humidity is really high, that is why it was tiring. It was a big challenge for my mother (who is over 70) and for me too but it is not a Mount Everest, so I guess everyone, who doesn’t have serious medical problems can do it.


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Visiting the Jardin de Cactus – Cactus Garden – in Lanzarote

The Cactus Garden (in Spanish Jardin de Cactus) is located at the town of Guatiza. It was designed by César Manrique, the island’s most influential artist.

There are more than 7,200 cactus plants with more than 1,100 different species even from countries like Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco or Peru. You can find here many different shapes, sizes, colours, in my opinion it is a photographers’ paradise to come here and spend some time taking pictures of huge 2-meter-tall ones to more unusual species.

A heart shaped cactus 🙂


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Amazing Angkor – (re)discovering the Temples

This was the second time I visited the Angkor Archeological Park, first in 2010 and now in 2016 December. I find it simply amazing and I feel lucky I had the opportunity to see it and also to show it to my mother 🙂

dec-14_210ggI think you can find many articles about the park if you write in the Google ‘angkor’. I Have found some useful web sites:

Some facts are: There are different 3 types of tickets, 1, 3, 7 day-tickets. The prices so far were 20$, 40$, 60$, but as fas as I know from February 2017 the prices will almost double, now the tickets will cost 37$/62$/72$ (I read it in the Telegraph).
I bought the 3-day-ticket each time. The park is open from early in the morning till late afternoon, you can plan your visits so.

Catching the sunrise at Angkor Wat

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Glühwein at the Christmas Market in Budapest

I haven’t been to the Christmas Market in Budapest for 5 years, it was time to do so. I went always to the Vörösmarty Square so I know that, that is the biggest one.

Now I went to the brand new one at the Basilica (it has been there for just some couple of years). There are a lot of small shops with souvenirs, a small ice skate ring and dozens of small restaurants where you can try the typical Hungarian Christmas food sitting on a bench being frozen 🙂

The light and sound show seems to be on every half hour. You can enjoy it till 2nd of January 2017.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the pictures!


One of the entrances of the market

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How to get as much information as possible before travelling to countries you have never been to?

I haven’t travelled for about 5 years really far away. Because i was working in the winter, because I was busy with other things, because of health issues etc. But now I decided I give myself a birthday present in November on my 35th birthday and surprise myself with a long-haul journey. I will travel to New York City – Fort Lauderdale – Playa del Carmen – Havana. For almost a month travelling, celebrating my birthday at my best friend’s.
I can’t turn back because I have already booked the flight tickets so now I have to go…:)
With this article I might help you how to get information about countries that need extra care (Cuba is not just Germany to go and be there) and maybe you can give me some tips where else I can get more information.

Flight tickets
Skyscanner – absolute top best. Then it directs you to some other web pages, mostly I liked the kiwi.com, bravofly.com, lastminute.com. And it even can direct you to flight companies web pages.

Booking.com – I usually book here my hotels
Tripadvisor  also connects you with agoda, Opodo, booking.com , Expedia, hotels.com
Hostels.com – cheap hotels, not just hostels
For Cuba the above web sites don’t work, because you can’t book there anything. I was checking the casas particulares web sites, the Homestay is relatively ok. But at last I decided I rather stay in a hotel, so on the www.booked.net web site you can find options to book.

About what to do
Tripadvisor! The best, there you can find rating, which activity/sight is the most popular. I think you can trust this website and the ‘top 10 things to do’.

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LINDOS – The Awesome Things to Do

I could have written TOP 10 THINGS TO DO, but I am not sure we can find 10 interesting top things to do in Lindos 🙂 It is a small town, about 50 km from Rhodes Town. While in Rhodes on holiday/staying longer you must see it once. This is a travel photo blog, so look at the pictures and they hopefully will give you the motivation to do similar “Awesome Things” 🙂

1. Go up and see the Acropolis
Why to pay 12 euros to see another temple ruins? Because it is huge, many of the columns are intact (Not like the small acropolis at Rhodes Town on Monte Smith, which I think is a sad little one with its 3 and a half columns, especially now, when it is renovated) and the view over the St. Paul’s Bay takes your breath away.

The temple ruins



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Rhodes – Something Different and Unusual – An Abandoned Sanatorium and the Mussolini Villa

I’m Living on the Island Rhodes the whole summer gives you the opportunity to see all the important places, all the nice sights everyone talks about and Rhodes is famous for and of course all the beautiful beaches. If you have seen everything, let’s say: Rhodes Old Town, Mandraki harbour, Lindos, Prassonissi, Monolithos castle, the nice beaches like Afandou, Tsambika, St. Paul’s Bay, Anthony Quinn Bay…etc, then I have something different to suggest to you to see, other than the traditional touristy stuff:

These are remnants of the Italian history in Rhodes. Naming there is an old abandoned Sanatorium in Eleousa and a Villa called ‘Mussolini Villa’ in Profitis Ilias built for Mussolini, who had never seen it.

The Sanatorium in Eleousa
So turning to the west at Kolymbia and later passing by the Seven Springs you soon reach a small square on the left with a church and some abandoned buildings. The sanatorium is on the right. I have a vivid imagination so I connect an abandoned sanatorium from the 1930s to a hospital, there comes connection to an asylum, there the abandoned & haunted part and we end at something like ‘The House on the Haunted Hill’ … (I hope most of you have seen the movie…)
But actually – thank God – it is nothing like that in the reality. It is an abandoned house, yes, hopefully no ghosts living there (we didn’t meet any, but you never know), but there a photography fan can have much inspiration if one has much imagination!

Autumn effect


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