Key West just for a Day

I visited my best friend in Florida, Fort Lauderdale last year November and I thought I would see Key West from there. I didn’t think it would be so complicated to find a company that organises excursions from Fort Lauderdale too. I was searching on the internet, I could find some but they either cancelled it before or the price was too high. At last I could find one that had other guests too from this part of Florida.



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How to get as much information as possible before travelling to countries you have never been to?

I haven’t travelled for about 5 years really far away. Because i was working in the winter, because I was busy with other things, because of health issues etc. But now I decided I give myself a birthday present in November on my 35th birthday and surprise myself with a long-haul journey. I will travel to New York City – Fort Lauderdale – Playa del Carmen – Havana. For almost a month travelling, celebrating my birthday at my best friend’s.
I can’t turn back because I have already booked the flight tickets so now I have to go…:)
With this article I might help you how to get information about countries that need extra care (Cuba is not just Germany to go and be there) and maybe you can give me some tips where else I can get more information.

Flight tickets
Skyscanner – absolute top best. Then it directs you to some other web pages, mostly I liked the,, And it even can direct you to flight companies web pages.

Hotels – I usually book here my hotels
Tripadvisor  also connects you with agoda, Opodo, , Expedia, – cheap hotels, not just hostels
For Cuba the above web sites don’t work, because you can’t book there anything. I was checking the casas particulares web sites, the Homestay is relatively ok. But at last I decided I rather stay in a hotel, so on the web site you can find options to book.

About what to do
Tripadvisor! The best, there you can find rating, which activity/sight is the most popular. I think you can trust this website and the ‘top 10 things to do’.

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