Who doesn’t like the Ocean Drive in Miami??? / Ki nem szereti az Ocean Drive-ot Miami-ban?

 In HUngarian / Magyarul – Ki nem szereti az Ocean Drive-ot Miami-ban?

You don’t like it? Are you serious? I can’t believe it.

Nov 13_070_Fotor

Nov 13_027_Fotor

Nov 13_016_Fotor

Nov 13_008_Fotor

Look at the colourful houses,
Nov 13_021

Nov 13_048 look at the hotels,
Nov 13_101_Fotor

Nov 13_023_Fotor

Nov 13_037_Fotor

Nov 13_015

Nov 13_012v_Fotor

Nov 13_038_Fotor

look at the vintage cars parking at the pavement…
Nov 13_039_Fotor

Nov 13_118

Nov 13_047

and how about the motorbikes driving in the street…
Nov 13_092 look at the dozens of restaurants where you can have delicious dishes.
Nov 13_110

Nov 13_089Have you already been to the beach?
Nov 13_069

Nov 13_067b

Nov 13_058n

Nov 13_063Like in the postcards, like in the Hollywood movies, like in your dreams…
Now look at these pictures and tell me you don’t want to visit it. I would not believe you. You want to visit Ocean Drive! I LOVE OCEAN DRIVE 🙂
Nov 13_008_Fotorc

Nov 13_102
I visited the Ocean Drive in November 2016. while visiting my best friend in Florida, staying in Fort Lauderdale, 1 hour drive from Miami.



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