SOZOPOL vs. NESSEBAR – Two beautiful Towns on the Black Sea Coast / SZOZOPOL vagy NESSZEBÁR – Két gyönyörű város a Fekete-tenger partján

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – SZOZOPOL vagy NESSZEBÁR – Két gyönyörű város a Fekete-tenger partján

Not everyone would go on holiday to Bulgaria. It is not famous for an exciting landscape like Lanzarote (no, here are rather mountains and lakes like the Rila 7 Lakes), for culture like Sicily, for amazing beaches like the Maldives just some examples that pop into my mind. But there are also some things to see here at Sunny Beach. I write AT Sunny Beach because on Sunny Beach there is nothing to see except more than 400 hotels, thousands of shops, restaurants, bars, party venues.
No, in the nearby there is NESSEBAR, which is on the list of the UNESCO World heritage sites and a bit more far is SOZOPOL.




You can visit the Old Town of Sozopol from Sunny Beach by bus or you can go on an excursion – which is more comfortable – and then not only Sozopol but you will see the River Ropotamo too.
DSC_1179_Fotor It is a Natural Reserve, there are many species of birds, fish and you can go on a short boat trip there. The Ropotamo is also called the Bulgarian Amazon, because its shores are so exotic…

Sozopol is one of the oldest towns on the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. It has a long history: Greek colony (Apollonia), part of the Byzantine, Bulgarian and Ottoman Empires, part of Bulgaria since the 19th century.




The town is full of cobbled streets and pretty wooden houses.




DSC_1269But not only those rather some nice beaches you can find here too,

a harbour with small boats
and a very nice beach promenade.

Let’s not to forget that in the Archeological Museum you can find the Vampire of Sozopol: The remains of a skeleton pierced with an iron bar in the heart. It is believed he was a very cruel nobleman and the locals made sure he wouldn’t rise from the grave. Well, Romania with its Count Dracula is in the nearby.

Nessebar is very similar to Sozopol and is not that far from Sunny beach. You can go there by bus or you can take the small tourist trains. I was a bit lost in the streets of Nessebar the first time I went there, they are so similar but I must confess it is more charming than Sozopol.

It is on a peninsula and it is more than 3,000 years old. It was a Thracian settlement, then the Greeks came, the Romans, it was part of the Byzantine Empire, Bulgarian Empire, it was an Ottoman province and slowly from the 19th century it started to develop.
The symbols of Nessebar is the windmill that can be found at the entrance of the Old Town.

Nessebar_46Now the most important attractions are the 40 Eastern Ortodox churches (some just ruins)



Nessebar_31and the wooden houses.


These wooden houses (similar in Sozopol) built in the 19th century are typical of the Black Sea architecture. They are very romantic 🙂

Nessebar vs Sozopol
Nessebar is in the nearby, Sozopol is more far. Nessebar is more beautiful (in my opinion) with the small narrow streets and the many wooden houses, Sozopol is more quiet, less tourists visit it. In Nessebar there are more restaurants (Bulgarian, fish..etc) than in Sozopol.
Your decision which one you would visit, I would suggest both if you are in the nearby.



  1. Thanks a lot for sharing! I have my dad coming over to Bulgaria to visit me for the first time. I will take him to Sunny Beach and Nessebar. Let’s hope I enjoy. Who knows maybe I can try and visit Sozopol as well 🙂

    Great photos.

    Best regards!

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  2. I can never decide whether it’s bad for Bulgaria to be underestimated (less tourists) or good for Bulgaria to be underestimated (less tourists). Glad you enjoyed your stay. Bulgaria is really an embarrassment of riches in a small country.


    • I dont think it is negative in sozopol’s case to be less visited, it is more far than nessrbar, so most of the people go there on an excursion whole to nessebar from sunny beach the tourists can go anytime and takes only 20mins. Sozopol is quieter, that is its charm 😀 I m staying here and working the whole summer that is why I know these things

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