Some pictures to convince you to visit the Prague Castle, the HRAD / Ugye meg tudlak győzni, hogy meglátogassátok a prágai várat, a HRAD-ot?

 In Hungarian /magyarul – Ugye meg tudom Önöket győzni, hogy meglátogassák a prágai várat, a HRAD-ot?

A Castle is a Castle, for some it is not interesting at all, for some who have imaginations it can be exciting. There is a Castle in Prague too, the Hrad. Collage_Fotor



Even if you have no imagination you can agree that the view over the Hrad from the other side of the River Vltava is beautiful. OK, I come from Budapest and nothing can beat the view over the Buda Castle, but that is another story…:)

To visit the Hrad is easy, you can go on foot, walking up can take a long time and you can go there by tram eg. 22 too.

2_FotorvcvcWe went there by tram and it stopped at the back of the Castle district right opposite the entrance.

What surprised me was that our belongings were checked at the entrance. I understand it is for security reasons but at the Buda Castle they don’t do so…2. Nap_024
It was already high season for tourists (May) and we went at that time when most of the tourists go (after breakfast at around 10.00, a lot of tourist groups) but I think we didn’t stand in line for more than 20 minutes to get our tickets. (If you are lucky while standing there you can watch the Change of guards).2. Nap_027
So if I hear that “Oh, we waited for hours at the entrance of the Hrad, there was a crowd, what a service, what conditions…etc???” Then I say wake up early in the morning and be the first at 9.00 at the entrance, that simple.2. Nap_029b

2. Nap_116

2. Nap_105
At the St Vitus Cathedral we also had to wait for 20 minutes to enter but by the time we came out, the line had been much smaller… So again, you have to choose the best time to visit it.

2. Nap_034b

2. Nap_044b

2. Nap_075

2. Nap_081

2. Nap_088

2. Nap_079

The only place the crowd was annoying – because we couldn’t take pictures without 10 people being in the picture – was at the Golden Lane. 2. Nap_127

2. Nap_131

2. Nap_134

2_FotorgzgThere maybe they should let X people per every 10 minutes in, then it would be less disturbing.

The view from the Hrad is also very nice over the Charle’s Bridge and over the other side of the city.

2. Nap_165

On your way down from the castle try a typical Czech sweet food, the Trdelnik. Similar to the Hungarian kurtoskalacs that comes from Transylvania originally. You can eat it with cream/ice-cream/fruits… delicious 😀

Information about the different prices (A, B, C..etc) here: Prague Castle – Tickets
What to see: Prague Castle – Historical Buildings
How to get to the Castle: Prague Castle – How to get here?
Useful: Planetware Prague Castle
Itineraries, more information I will not copy paste, I think it is enough to convince you to go there if you check my photos… 😉



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