Trying to find the TreeTop Walk at the MacRitchie Reservoir in Singapore / A TreeTop Walk függőhíd nyomában a szingapúri MacRitchie Nemzeti Parkba

Hungary-icon In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: A TreeTop Walk függőhíd nyomában a szingapúri MacRitchie Nemzeti Parkban

When I was in Singapore some years ago, I wanted to spend a whole day here, I saw amazing pictures of the bridge. Strange as it is almost no taxi driver knew what I was talking about. What Reservoir, what bridge??? TreeTop Walk? What is that?
At last I could find someone to take me to the entrance.


I read it is 11 kilometres to reach the TreeTop Walk suspension bridge, ok I thought, not that difficult. Nana, but I didn’t think there the humidity would be about 80%. I was exhausted, totally tired at the end. It happened so that I entered the “wrong side” to the Reservoir and so it took longer to the bridge than entering from the other side. I know it now. I went out of the Reservoir the other side, it took half the time to get out. Anyway there are many trails through the forest.
The Treetop Walk is the main attraction, it is a 250-metre aerial free standing suspension bridge spanning the two highest points within MacRitchie.

The bridge itself looks amazing, the jungle is very exciting, I saw some monkeys too. PS I don’t know how some were able to do jogging there, unbelievable what kind of stamina they would have… No wonder there were so many doing sports, I read the trails are used as cross-country running routes… It is Singapore’s largest reservoir.



 MacRitchie_24As I wrote I was dead tired after just walking to the bridge through the forest then getting out of it. I took a taxi, went to a McDonald’s (I didn’t have the strength to look for a proper meal), bought some green muffins 🙂
MacRitchie_79and went home and fell onto the bed to sleep (it was about 5.00 p.m.!)
So here are some pictures of the MacRitchie Reservoir


Useful sites about the MacRitchie Reservoir, TreeTop Walk
Wikipedia – MacRitchie Reservoir
National Parks Singapore – Macritchie Reservoir Park
VisitSingapore – MacRitchie nature reserve



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