The Hungarian Sea – THE LAKE BALATON AT TIHANY / A MAGYAR TENGER – a Balaton Tihanynál

Hungary-icon In Hungarian – Egy Utazásmániás Túk Naplója: A MAGYAR TENGER – a Balaton Tihanynál

I love the Balaton, I spent there a lot of time when I was a child. I wish I had had a weekend house there, then I would have gone there to relax in the Summer. Yes, only in the summer because in the winter it is dead. There is no tourism, no life there in the cold months. But in the summer it revives and it shows its most beautiful side…. 🙂 Now is the time to go to the Balaton!


The Balaton (Germans call it Plattensee) is a Lake in Hungary, the largest Lake in Central Europe. Famous for its beaches, wine cellars, wine groving areas, fresh fish dishes and some colutural sights too like Festetics Castle in Keszthely, „Capital of the Balaton” Siófok, Heviz – thermal springs, Badacsony – wines, Zamardi – music festival …etc.

And TIHANY, where you can find the Benedictine Abbey. Founded in the 11th century by King Andrew, it stands on a small hill.



You can’t go to Tihany by train like everywhere else around the Balaton, you can go there for example by train to Balatonfüred/Siófok/Szantodrev then by ship/ferry.
Information about ships/ferries:

Now there is a Baroque Church, the view from above over the Balaton is breathtaking.



The Ófalu – Old village – is also nice, well preserved, typical houses built of volcanic stones and thatched roof.

The Doll Museum is really great, pity it is not allowed to take pictures inside… Oppps, I saw the sign at the end of the exhibition… 🙂

The Calvary is impressive too.

The Tihany Echo doesn’t work anymore due to the buildings built around Tihany – it used to be heard in the very past, many poems were written about it…

Don’t forget to eat some typical Hungarian dishes while here, I suggest some fish, especially Hake…

What you can find here an I didn’t have the time/mood to go there are the hermit’s place (Benedictine monks’ caves/houses), where they used to live. Not far from the Abbey.





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