Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote – by Day & Night / Jameos del Agua Lanzarote-n – nappal és éjszaka

Hungary-icon  In Hungarian/Magyarul – Egy Utazámániás Tyúk Naplója: Jameos del Agua Lanzarote-n – nappal és éjszaka

César Manrique was a great artist and architect, he created a lot of interesting things/sights on Lanzarote, where he was born. I honestly haven’t heard about him until I came here, although I like art and I am not ‘illiterate’ in it. Now I adore his works, the Jardin de Cactus is my favourite (I wrote about the Cactus Garden here), I love the Mirador del Rio, the Timanfaya Park (El Diabolo Restaurant, Ruta de los Volcanoes => here a post ‘It is like a Walk on the Moon in Lanzarote‘), I saw the Cueva los Verdes => Previous post “Bucket List for Lanzarote“.

The Jameos del Agua is also an architectural masterpiece! He transformed the cave into an auditorium, restaurant, bar and gardens. It was one of the first touristic sites created by him during the 1960’s.


The Jameos del Agua was formed when the Monte Corona volcano erupted 4,000 years ago. Together with the Cueva de los Verdes (Green Cave) it is inside the Tunnel of Atlantis. This cave system is the largest underwater volcanic tunnel in the world with its 1,5 kilometers.

I visited the Jameos del Agua many times, I can write here about it a bit, plus let’s not forget my photos of course 🙂

The Jameos del Agua is in the North of Lanzarote in the area of Haria. You can park your car at the entrance, the ticket costs 9 EUR.

After you enter the Jameos del Agua you must go down on the stairs to the entrance of the cave. There is a small restaurant here, where the concerts take place.

There comes a small lake, where you can find the blind albino crabs, they only live here on Lanzarote. Cesar Manrique used these crabs to be the symbol of the Jameos del Agua, a huge statue of a crab you can find at the entrance of this attraction. Not only this symbol Manrique created, rather the symbol of Miradol del Rio lookout point (fish) and the symbol of the Timanfaya Park (the fire devil – El Diabolo). The artist was very much into the details, even the handles of some doors are crab shaped.


You must cross the lake on a narrow path to the exit of this part of the cave and go up on the stairs to the artificial lake decorated with tropical plants.



Behind the artificial lake you can find the auditorium, where sometimes classical concerts take place (very rarely, the concerts Tuesday and Saturday nights take place at the restaurant near the entrance). The acoustics are fantastic not only here but in the whole cave.


On the way up again on the stairs you reach a nice point from where you can take pictures of the whole artificial lake (ok, it is a bit fake, but decorative).

And then comes a small Museum, the Casa de los Volcanes (House of the Volcanoes), where you can find information about volcanoes, how they function, there are simulation machines to try out, there is a small room with mirrors to take funny pictures.

When it gets dark, the Jameos del Agua gets a mystical atmosphere. You can visit it in the evening Tuesdays and Saturdays. I read on its website that it is open on Wednesdays till 12.30 am too. On Tuesdays there is a Menu, on Saturdays it is Á la Carte and at these nights there is a folk music concert, a timple concert. The timple is a traditional guitar of the Canary Islands. I could find a picture of it, here you are.

I think it is worth visiting the Jameos del Agua in the evening too, it looks different 🙂


IMG_1258 I went on Saturday evening only to see the sight not to have dinner nor to listen to the music. If you would like to have entertainment and food too, that would cost 39 EUR.

Hope it brings the mood to visit the Jameos del Agua in Lanzarote.




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