Like an Illusion: Some Postcardlike Photos of London

Hungary-icon In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy utazásmániás tyúk naplója: Mint egy illúzió – néhány képeslapszerú foto Londonról

I like London very much. There are daily flights from everywhere in Europe, it is easy to get there. I was there many times, the last time when I was coming back from India some years ago and with my family I spent there a day.




London_18_Fotor,kI don’t think you haven’t heard about the most important things to see: Big Ben, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, change of guards there, Tower Bridge, London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, British Museum, Madam Tussaud’s Museum, Trafalgar Square, Observatory in Greenwich, Piccadilly Circus… Just the most famous ones.

The last time we went to see:

  • the Abbey Road – appeared on the cover of The Beatles’s Abbey Road album,



  • the London Eye – the first time we went up there since it was opened in 2000,





  • the Big Ben – more than 150 years old and almost 100m high,
  • the Victoria Station – my name is Victoria,


  • and have fish & chips.

IMG_1084I found my normal photos a bit too simple so I re-designed them giving them a postcardlike outlook. Feel like going there at once and see it? Oh yeah, baby…




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