The Road Full of Rebel Monkeys and Pilgrims in Jaipur, India / Egy utca az indiai Jaipurban tele vad majmokkal és zarándokokkal

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: Egy utca az indiai Jaipurban tele vad majmokkal és zarándokokkal

There is a temple near Jaipur called Monkey Temple (Galta Ji), because of the dozens of wild monkeys living in that area. It is a Hindu pilgrimage site, about 10 kilometes from Jaipur. When we spent in India some years ago about 20 days visiting Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Mumbai and Varanasi, I thought it was a great idea to see this sight too, not because of its beauty (it is nothing compared to the Taj Mahal or to the Jaipur Castle) but because we have never seen so many monkeys living in the streets, following you for food, playing in front of you with their babies.




So from Jaipur centre, where we had our hotel, we went by tuk-tuk (motor taxi) to this temple. All around was rubbish at the bottom of the hill from where we had to go up to the temple.

IMG_0938We started our trip up and we just left the gate and met already the first monkeys. There were locals feeding them but we were prepared too with some food (cookies, biscuits, nuts).



There were bigger ones and a lot of babies too, in the same time 10-20 of them surrounding us.

On the way up on the hill you can see not only monkeys but also cows (they are holy animals here, you mustn’t touch them, mustn’t eat them, they wander around every city), goats, pigs and dogs and cats. All are street animals, so I suggest you not to touch any of them if you don’t want to get illnesses.

Of course not only animals are there but rather pilgrims.
IMG_0929In the Hindu religion it is not obligatory for Hindus to undertake pilgrimage during their life. Although most Hindus go on such a journey for example to Varanasi in India. At these temples there is a natural spring that flows into water tanks in which the pilgrims bathe. According to the legend a Saint had lived here.
During our visit they were sitting in the streets watching the people walking there. I shot some photos of them.




The buildings on the road up to the temple are mostly abandoned, it is a pity they weren’t restored.

IMG_0947To the temple we couldn’t go because it was too far and going up in that heat and humidity we just said in the middle of the road it was enough and we turned back.

I went a bit upper to see the view (pictures) but that is all. We saw similar buildings during our stay even in Jaipur so I am not sure if we missed much.



Anyway the monkeys were fun until there was a local guy feeding them with bananas. After he had already given them a whole box of bananas and disappeared, they concentrated on us. Especially me since I had the food. They became pretty aggressive and annoying. Never mind, we could handle them but the way back we were almost running to get away of them…



This country is not only about beautiful sights rather about activities like this one… We did some charity, the main thing is we could feed some poor monkeys in India…:)




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