Coral Island – off the Coast of Pattaya

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: Coral Island – Pattaya partjainál

Pattaya is famous for some things for sure, but not everybody heard about the Coral Island there. It is a beautiful little island with white sandy beach, palm trees, shallow warm water, excellent fish dishes.



When I was in Bangkok some years ago I wanted to get out of the city and I booked this excursion in one of the travel agencies. Anywhere you go in Bangkok they offer the same programs.

Koh Lan is a small Thai island 10 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya. From Bangkok we went first to Pattaya, it took for an hour, after that by speedboat to this island.



There is nothing to see, just to enjoy the warm sun (it was November and 30C), swim, have a cocktail at the bar and order at the restaurant a fresh fish plate.


I am not a beach person, I don’t like lying on the beach, but this was special. Some hours doing nothing just relaxing.





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