Strawberry Festival in Malta / Az Eper Fesztiválon Máltán

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: Az Eper Fesztiválon Máltán

I was living on Malta many years ago for a long time. It is a tiny little island (actually 3 islands: Malta Gozo and Comino) but there are a lot to see and do. Valletta the capital, the Blue Lagoon, the silent city Mdina and the Azure Window, which sadly disappeared some weeks ago (I wrote about it here). There are also a lot of traditional festivals there like the Strawberry Festival (Festa Frawli) every year in April.


Since it is actual because the last one took place some weeks ago and NOW is the time of the Strawberry I thought I show what to expect at this festival. It was in a small town, now I know the name Imġarr, I don’t remember how we went there, my friend knew the way. I read it is an agricultural village and is famous for the good quality strawberries.


There were a lot of visitors and not only strawberries could you buy there.

There were products made of strawberry: cakes, ice-cream waffles, pancakes, milk shakes, jams and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Drinking milkshake…


There were folklore programs, programs for children, artists representing their artworks (connected to strawberry), you could buy souvenirs…etc. There are also special activities like presenting Malta’s largest strawberry gateau.


I love strawberry – who doesn’t??? – and my favourite dish of that is my mother’s strawberry cake (made of sweet cottage cheese cream, strawberries in the cream too, pistachio on the side). Yummy

This festival is every year at this time in April, in Malta the strawberry tastes really good, I can prove it. Further information you can find on the Facebook site of Festa Frawli.





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