Night Fishing in the Maldives / Éjszakai halászat a Maldív szigeteken

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: Éjszakai halászat a Maldív szigeteken

I was living in the Maldives some years ago during the whole Winter (I wrote about it here in a previous post). In Summer Island once per week the tourists could go on a Night fishing excursion. It wasn’t deep sea fishing (some islands offer that too), it was a normal sitting-for-hours-long fishing.

Summer Island

IMG_0683I am sure each Maldivian hotel Island offers such tour(s), what we could do on Summer Island looked like this:

It started with cutting the fish we used as a bait to catch the bigger fish. The crew of the ship cut the fish into small pieces and put some for the fishing away but also gave us a show with throwing the small pieces into the water at the jetty area and attract this way the sharks and stingrays.

Feeding the fish at the jetty



The more courageous tourists could swim at the jetty area at this time and could take pictures of these dangerous animals not only from above rather under the water too. It was the Swimming with sharks and Stingrays program for us. I did that many times because it was said it wouldn’t be dangerous… hmmm, I survived. Anyway there were a lot of sharks there around the Summer Island, each day you could see there some swimming close to the shore, where the tourist were swimming too.

On the right you can see a small shark. And I am on the left…


So after cutting the fish we left the harbour of the island to go there, where the Indian Ocean was deeper. And that is where the fishing took place.

Sometimes we weren’t so lucky and the whole group caught only some fish. Sometimes we had better luck.

Sometimes some special fish was caught like this small shark…


…or this one.


These we had to throw back into the Indian Ocean.

The crew helped us catch the fish. Honestly without them I wouldn’t have caught anything. Maybe I was moving too much….

I am not a big fishing expert, not like my colleague, who always caught some fish.


I wasn’t that good but sometimes I could catch some too…

My best catch during the whole winter…

Not only could I catch some rather my parents tried it too and see the result, what they caught 🙂

My parents fishing 🙂

The company was always nice, we enjoyed it very much and going back home we could admire a beautiful sunset.


The sunsets were marvellous

Even when we weren’t lucky or also when we were lucky, the fish was served for the Night fishing group at the dinner. It was always delicious.

Grilling the fish we caught

I can only encourage to go on such a trip, even if you haven’t the faintest idea what fishing means. The exotic fish, the sunset, the food afterwards were amazing.


FYI: Beginner’s Guide to Fishing in The Maldives I have found this, you can read here about e.g. the certain fish types that can be found in the Indian Ocean at the Maldivian Islands.


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