White Sandy Beaches on La Graciosa Island

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: Fehér homokos tengerpartok La Graciosa szigetén

Since I spend my second winter half on Lanzarote it is obvious that I should see La Graciosa.


I don’t think you heard about this Island only if you have spent some time on Lanzarote, not that popular like La Gomera from Tenerife… It is just 2 kilometers from Lanzarote. The name means ‘graceful’ in Spanish (I like the sound of it:).

The island is really tiny, 8 km 4 km and there are only 700 inhabitants. It even has a school and supermarkets, you can also hire bikes here.  There are almost no cars here only the jeeps waiting for toursists at the harbour to take them around the island

What you can find here are:

  • A really small village at the harbour the Caleta del Sebo, with white houses and unpaved streets.


  • White sandy beaches, ideal for swimming (shallow water), in some areas for surfing (huge waves) and kite surfing (windy most of the time).


  • Some volcanic craters to climb onto, i saw the Montana Amarilla (Yellow Mountain) in the Southern part of La Graciosa, but there are more.


I went there from Lanzarote, first to Orzola by bus, then by ferry to Caleta del Sebo. It was such a journey with the huge waves that you can hardly bear… However I didn’t see anyone getting sick, we were tough…



We had some free time in Caleta del Sebo to see the houses, the tiniest museum in the World (FREE, about the history of La Graciosa and some information & photos of whales, dolphins…etc) and the unpaved streets.





From the harbour we went by Catamaran to the South of the island to a small beach (the journey wasn’t as bad as coming from Lanzarote).


There we spent 1,5 hours on a lovely sandy beach.



I walked to the Montana Amarillo to see the hidden beach there.

IMG_0492After the free time back to the ship, back to the harbour, back by ferry to Lanzarote, back by bus to Puerto del Carmen. Lovely day although it didn’t start good, the weather didn’t seem nice in the beginning, but by the end of the day the sun came out 🙂

Information of the ferry schedule you can get here:

Lineas Romero

Biosfera Express

You can have a beautiful view over La Graciosa from Lanzarote from the Miradol del Rio lookout point.





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