The Carnival in Arrecife in Pictures / A karnevál Lanzarote fővárosában, Arrecife-n képekbe

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: A karnevál Lanzarote fővárosában, Arrecife-n képekben 


the Carnival (in Spanish speaking countries spelled as Carnaval) in the Canary Islands has a tradition, it is a serious business some say, every island celebrates it, in Lanzarote there is something in many villages/cities. The most important fiesta is in Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen.

In Arrecife it was on Saturday, the 27. February 2017.



I had been thinking of what costume to have, at last I decided and this is what I had.

First I wanted to have white hair, but it was so thin and there was so few ‘hair’ on it that you could see through it and see my original colour, so I chose rather the black one. Yes, that was my costume. My Dia del Muerto masque 🙂 I even had a matching t-shirt, which is really from Mexico from my holiday last year November 🙂

The ‘Day of the Dead’ is celebrated in Mexico (and some South American countries with Mexican roots), ok yes it is celebrated in November but can’t I wear such a costume? :))

You can find a lot of other costumes to dress up for the Carnaval in Puerto del Carmen on Saturday 4th March 2017. Just go to one of those Chinese shops on the promenade or near Playa Honda you can find a big Chinese shop and not far from that there is a toy shop too.

Anyway, the Carnaval was great, we guided an excursion there (transfer there and back and multilingual guide on the coach). We left Puerto del Carmen at around 16.45 and we were in Arrecife at around 17.30. It started at 18.00 and took for 3 hours, along the Rambla Madular.





It was a procession with dancers, samba dancers, musicians, kids, families, lots of costumes, dancing, music, fun…





img_0399I find it awesome that you arrive in Arrecife on this afternoon and everywhere you look you see a bear driving the car, a superman and superwoman pushing a baby buggy in it their super baby, the back of tall women in high heeled shoes and miniskirts who turn around and you see they are men and it is totally normal that Wolverine walks next to you in the street or a rabbit drinks a coffee opposite your table at the restaurant 🙂

After the procession there was a party as well on the beach, there were stages with music. Unfortunately we had to leave with our guests back to Puerto del Carmen at around 22.00. So that was the end of the Carnaval for our team. But we still could see a lot of things.

Needed some ‘renovation’



Yes, it is different from the German or whatever Carnaval. Yes, it is for some too much that it takes 3 hours long (In my opinion too 1-2 hours would be enough). Yes, they were after a while repeating themselves (at least so it seemed).

But still I enjoyed it very much, if I hadn’t been there I would have regretted it. My colleagues enjoyed it too, our guests enjoyed it as well… So everyone was happy…

I hope you will enjoy my pictures of it too. And see you at the Carnaval in Puerto del Carmen on Saturday.





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