Lanzarote’s Lago Verde (Green Lake) to discover from both sides

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: A Lago Verde (Zöld Lagúna) felfedezése Lanzarote szigetén

The Lago Verde or Charco de Los Clicos (Green Lake/Lagoon) you can find at El Golfo, Lanzarote.



El Golfo is a small fishing village, with a lot of fish restaurants, small white houses, it has a really nice atmosphere.

El Golfo was a volcano, which has been eroded by the sea with the time. The wall of the volcano remained, at its foot is the Lago Verde. It is a half-moon shaped lagoon, which due to some special algae living in the lake has an emerald green colour. The lake and the sea are connected through underground passageways.

There is a parking place near the lake and it takes for 5 minutes on the shore to go to a lookout point. It is not allowed anymore to go down to the lake, because many tourists fell and were injured.


The view of the other road to the Green Lake

On the way to the lookout point you can see a nice black beach, there you are allowed to go from the parking area.




And here is what you can see from the lookout point:

Lago Verde and the black beach


View from the lookout point


However, the Green Lake you can visit from the other side too. If you can… I saw that now it is closed with a barrier. I still went down there 🙂

I could stop at another parking place a bit far from it, then a good 30 minutes walk was it to reach the barrier.

The next parking area I could leave my car and what you can see on the way to the lake



After that it is easy, just walk on the small road to the Lago Verde, it takes 10 minutes to reach the beach. During that walk you can see interesting stone formations too.

It looks really exciting
The road to the beach


The beach is a black sandy one here too, if you look carefully in the sand you can find some green stones, the olivina.

I really loved this huge rock in the middle of the beach forming something like a tiny  peninsula.

Where it is red, there is the lookout point


Interesting stone formation
The road back

Even if you go from the other side to the Lake, you can’t swim in the lake because there is a rope protecting it from tourists.

Closer look at the lake


And here you can find my photos of the Lago Verde 🙂



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