Walking on the top of the White Crater (Caldera Blanca) in Lanzarote / Séta a Fehér Kráter (Caldera Blanca) tetején Lanzarote-n

Hungary-icon In Hungarian/Magyarul – Egy Utazasmanias Tyuk Naploja: Séta a Fehér Kráter (Caldera Blanca) tetején Lanzarote-n

I said I wanted to see this crater. I did it! Here are some instructions for you to do so.

On the top at 458 m

It is not far from the Timanfaya Natural Park. I came from Tinajo and reached the visitor centre outside the park.

In some blogs I read that there was a parking place 500 meters from Tinajo. So I asked the cashier at the visitor centre where it was. It seemed I passed by, so I turned back and now I could find the parking area. There is no sign showing where the parking place or the Caldera Blanca is but there were a lot of cars so it means it is not that difficult to find it (only I am lost all the time, everywhere…).

At the visitor center they said it would take 4 hours to go up and down… Hmmmm… We will see… Either the guy didn’t know how long it would take or he wanted to frighten me. Yes it is about 9 kilometers, but it took for 2,5 hours to walk up and down (including 20 minutes sitting at the crater above), not that difficult.

Let’s start

The road is full of small stones, not just a trekking road, so maybe good walking shoes can be useful.




Walk the line

I passed by a small crater (Montaña La Caldereta) and reached the hilly side of the big White Crater.

img_0095Going up was not my favourite one, but it is easy.




And what you get at the end is amazing!

Caldera Blanca
The crater is 1200m diameter

img_0109From above you can have a view over the Timanfaya Park, the volcanic lava formations and the crater itself. It is not like the Caldera del Cuervo (One of my previous posts) that you can walk inside of it. You walk around it and from above you can take fabulous pictures 🙂


I do like the landscape here so much, everywhere you find some volcanic stones, formations, lakes, caves, craters, volcanoes! This is one of my favourite islands.




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