Visiting the Jardin de Cactus – Cactus Garden – in Lanzarote / Látogatás a Kaktusz kertben Lanzarote-n

Hungary-icon In Hungarian/ Magyarul – Egy Utazasmanias Tyuk Naploja: Látogatás a Kaktusz kertben Lanzarote-n

The Cactus Garden (in Spanish Jardin de Cactus) is located at the town of Guatiza. It was designed by César Manrique, the island’s most influential artist.

There are more than 7,200 cactus plants with more than 1,100 different species even from countries like Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco or Peru. You can find here many different shapes, sizes, colours, in my opinion it is a photographers’ paradise to come here and spend some time taking pictures of huge 2-meter-tall ones to more unusual species.

A heart shaped cactus 🙂




The bathroom

It was built on an old quarry, what Manrique had found in the seventies. It took 20 years to finish it and it was Manrique’s last project before his death.

There is a huge green metal cactus statue in front of the garden, a bit extreme but thanks to this you will easily find it.





img_0273The garden is set in a hole, which means it is protected from the wind. There are bridges, black volcanic soil, a windmill, small lakes, paved labyrinths, a cafeteria. The whole garden is so very well designed, every detail has a meaning, even the toilets are decorated by Cesar Manrique 🙂

The entrance


The garden from above
The windmill



Cesar Manrique was into the details of his works very much, he created at every centres of culture in Lanzarote a special motif, or logo, like the Fire Devil at Timanfaya, the crab at Jameos del Agua, the fish at Mirador del Rio…

You can spend here an hour at least to walk around the garden, have a coffee in the bar, see the windmill and admire this unique beauty.

I myself spent there an hour or so, I am not sure that I don’t go there again while staying here. Here you can find the results of my visit.




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