The Top Most Beautiful Beaches on Rhodes / A legszebb strandok Rodoszon

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: A legszebb strandok Rodoszon

I spent a whole summer in Rhodes this year, so I had plenty of time to discover the island. I listened to my collegues/friends as well while talking about what to see, they gave me many tips too. I like to see all the famous places, nice sights everyone talks about.

Rhodes is famous for its clear and mostly calm beaches. Most of the sandy beaches are on the Eastern part, on the Western side are pebbly beaches.

Some of the top ones are the followings:

  • St Paul’s Bay

In my opinion the most beautiful one, my favourite one 🙂 It is in a small bay, above is the Acropolis of Lindos, below the sea a sandy beach and a little church. There are a lot of ships doing day excursions and many diving companies come here too. A sunbed can cost a fortune, even 7-10 EUR. There is a small restaurant, the food is delicious. There are many times weddings in the small church, the ceremony is outside the church, in front of it. You can park above the church in the parking area (enough place for a lot of cars) or you can drive a bit further to the „entrance” of Lindos and there is a parking area as well and there is a smaller beach too.






  • Limni Beach

It is difficult to find, one of my collegues explained it to me how to do it, but then it was easy. She said coming from Monolithos passing by Apolakkia the next road to the right. And it was there. There is a small parking place I think it is enough for all the cars since not many tourists come here. It is a sandy beach, some sunbeds and umbrellas you can find here too. You can take here a long walk and you will not bump into anyone. The water is shallow, when it is windy the waves can be that high you can easily surf too. No restaurants or anything like that can be found, the nearest restaurant must be by car for 15 minutes.

  • Prasonisi Beach

It is in the south of Rhodes, very far from Rhodos town, even from Lardos where I lived it took 20-25 minutes to get there. It is easy to find, you willl find a sign and the quality of the street is also good to drive down there. Stop at some lookout points before you go to the beach, you can take from there amazing pictures. At the beach you can find at least 2 restaurants, i ate there many times, the food was delicious. The beach is where the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas meet. It is always windy, that is why it is one of the centers of the wind- and kite surfers/surfing schools. On both sides I saw surfers. The beach was a bit dirty but you can find clean areas too.




  • Tsambika Beach

It is a sandy beach mostly for families or for those who are not afraid of/annoyed by the crowd. Kilometers long beach, a lot ot restaurants (mostly sandwiches, burgers, some fish, cocktails you can have here), many watersports companies, you can try out the banana ride, paddle, jet ski, parasailing etc.. The big Greek flag painted on the stones is one of the symbols of this beach I guess. Another symbol is the small church on the top of the hill, about 200 meters above sea level. You can’t drive up from the beach, you have to go back to the main road from the beach and there drive further direction Rhodos town a bit and there is a sign on the right to the church. There is a parking area where you can leave your car and walk up about 300 steps to the church. Thank God there is shadow everywhere, but if you get tired you can also sit down on one of the benches. From above the view over the Tsambika Beach is fascinating!

  • Traganou Beach

It is near the famous Afandou Beach, the longest sandy beach of Rhodes. I preferred this one to Afandou. There is a big parking lot, some restaurants, many sunbeds and sun umbrellas although in the high season it happened to me that on the whole beach I couldn’t get a sunbed, because all were reserved. A small part of the beach is reserved for people working for the armed forces. The beach is a bit sandy but rather with pebbles (shoes recommended to walk there). There is a small cave near the beach, you can take there nice photos. The water is crystal clear so is the beach. Not windy, not wavy at all, calm and beautiful. The colours are the most beautiful in the morning.

  • Anthony Quinn Bay

This is a really famous one, difficult to find if you don’t know where to look for it, because in most maps there is no such name as Anthony Quinn Bay. It is near Faliraki, on the main road you can find small signs directing you towards it, you have to look carefully. It is easy to find after you have left the main road, just follow the small signs. There is a parking area, you don’t have to walk much. Diving schools you can find there too. It is with pebbles, not a sandy one, a small bay with some bigger stones. You can walk up to the hill, there is an observatory. If you don’t want to go that high you can walk to the first lookout point, from there you can take some nice pictures. It is named after Anthony Quinn, the famous actor, who also played Zorba in the movie. Almost every time I mentioned his name I saw no reaction, which meant for me that not many knew who he was. It is really sad, because i didn’t say this information to children rather to grown-up 40-50-60-year- old people. OK, not everyone is such a big fan of the movies of the 60s, but come on, please… we are talking about Anthony Quinn…

I chose these Top beaches in Rhodes, i think everyone have already heard of them because they are really beautiful.

More information on beaches on Rhodes you can find:

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