LINDOS – The Awesome Things to Do / LINDOSZ – a fantasztikus dolgok, amiket LINDOSZBAN csinálhatunk

 In Hungarian / Magyarul  – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: LINDOSZ – a fantasztikus dolgok, amiket LINDOSZBAN csinálhatunk  

I could have written TOP 10 THINGS TO DO, but I am not sure we can find 10 interesting top things to do in Lindos 🙂 It is a small town, about 50 km from Rhodes Town. While in Rhodes on holiday/staying longer you must see it once. This is a travel photo blog, so look at the pictures and they hopefully will give you the motivation to do similar “Awesome Things” 🙂

1. Go up and see the Acropolis
Why to pay 12 euros to see another temple ruins? Because it is huge, many of the columns are intact (Not like the small acropolis at Rhodes Town on Monte Smith, which I think is a sad little one with its 3 and a half columns, especially now, when it is renovated) and the view over the St. Paul’s Bay takes your breath away.

The temple ruins



The view over the St. Paul’s Bay


The acropolis and the other beach


Many excursion ships come here during the day

2. Do the donkey ride to the Acropolis
Why to sit on a dirty, smelly donkey and be taken to the Acropolis when you can walk up too? Because in the heat – in my opinion – it is tiring to go up and where in the World can you go up to an Acropolis on the back of a donkey???
It is not a life changing experience, yes, but which friends of yours can say they did that? Can you see here my point? Na, bucket list check… 😉
It is from the main square, costs only 5 euros per donkey and takes 15 minutes. And of course important to have memories, the owner of the donkey can take pictures of you 🙂 And don’t you think it is fun to go up with friends while laughing how lame the others are?

3. Go down from the Acropolis to the St. Paul’s Bay
Why to go to this crowded beach where a sun bed costs at least 7 euros? Because the view from the top of the bay is fantastic. It is different from the view from the Acropolis, it is from another perspective.
– You can see the acropolis, the bay, the ships, the clear water – beauty.
– There is a cute, little church where many times weddings are organised (if you are lucky you can see one) – romance.
– There is a small cliff from where you can jump into the water (2 meters high) – adventure.
– If you do the visit at sunrise, you will remember this moment for a long time – magic.

4. Go back in the evening to the road that leads up to the Acropolis
Why again in the dark should you try to find the way up with a spotlight on your smartphone and of course fall twice onto the ground by stepping onto the wrong stones? Because it has a ROMANTIC view over the illuminated town and from above you can take such pictures like here 🙂

5. And while driving home after seeing the Acropolis, stop at a lookout point
Why to do so after you have already seen here everything? Because here again the view over the hill with the Acropolis and over the other bay, by daylight and in the evening too, is amazing.

Now I see I collected TOP 5 Amazing things to do in Lindos 🙂 And you can add to your own list a lot of other ‘things to do’: walk in the cobbled streets, eat a strawberry-nutella pancake, have a romantic dinner in one of the restaurants with a roof top terrace, go to a beach party, go for a night swim, feed the street cats…etc.

Whatever the ‘amazing things’ can be for you 🙂



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