Winter in the Maldives – How is it to live on a small Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean / Tél a Maldív-szigeteken, avagy milyen egy szigeten élni az Indiai Óceán közepén

 In Hungarian / Magyarul – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: Tél a Maldív-szigeteken, avagy milyen egy szigeten élni az Indiai Óceán közepén

I was working as a holiday representative in the Maldives for 5 months, in the Winter of 2011/12. It was my most beautiful season ever (I have been working for 8 years now as a rep so I know what I am talking about).

Summer Island
First impression

How it started:
It started on my 30th Birthday, I had to fly to the destination on the 16. November. First travelling by train to Frankfurt for about 10 hours then spending this day, MY DAY, at the airport in the cold and then arriving in Paradise after a 10-hour flight on the next day 🙂 Tiring, huh? Not for me, I was so enthusiastic about it that I didn’t care. After arriving I met my boss, got even a birthday present from him (a traditional skirt the Maldivians wear) and got into a motorboat to be taken to my island.

Summer Island is the name where I spent the winter, it took for about an hour to get there. It was magnificent, amazing, fantastic…etc can’t find other words. My first impressions you can see in my pictures 🙂

So how does a day of a rep look like in the Maldives?
There we don’t arrange transfer, we have no transfer department. The hotel informs the guests on a board when they have the pick-up time from the jetty. The guests can go by boat or they can book extra a seat on a seaplane.
There we don’t sell excursions, we explain the excursions the island sells to the guests. Our welcome meeting looks like we go around the island and explain everything, here is the bar, there is the spa..etc. This is the only destination where we can wear flip flops at our welcome meetings 🙂 (everywhere else high heeled black shoes) So boring is the life there….:)

View from the plane
I am over 30 now, arriving at my workplace
The jetty
First impression
The beach – first impressions
First working day

After spending some months on ONE island, another island was given to me, Velidhu, so from then on I was moving between 2 islands, 3-4 days here and 4-3 days there. The other island was much more far than the original one, there were boats there (took 2! hours to get there) or by sea plane I could fly there. Stand by, was always nervous whether I get a seat or not, whether I sleep at the airport or can go back to the original island by a later boat. Thank God I never had to sleep at the airport 🙂 But I must tell you, flying by sea plane is the most magnificent experience I have ever had. Beauty on top!

And what can you do in your free time?
A lot with/in/under/above the Ocean 🙂 Snorkelling (I was snorkelling almost every day), diving, sailing, night fishing, island hopping by boat (ok that i was guiding, later I’ll write about it too:) and so on. The underwater world is hilarious! Even just while walking at the jetty from above looking down at the water you can see such fish you can only see on National Geography.

5 months in Paradise 🙂 It was as I wrote something that I will never forget, but you must know something else too. If you don’t have the personality to be alone on your own a lot, if you like going out every night/Friday/Saturday night this is not your destination. Here you will find peace only if you are in peace with yourself. It is really a bit like being a Robinson Crusoe (ok without the uninhabited part and the fishing for yourself otherwise you die of hunger part and the cannibals part and… na you know what I mean…:) I felt comfortable there, but there is also a limit, the summer I did’t want to spend there.

Sometimes I still dream about the Maldives, the memories are deep inside of me. And I can’t forget these MEMORIES, my 5000 pictures (! really I am not joking) taken during the 5 months remind me of this winter!


…to be continued about the Maldives later 🙂


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