Discovering the tiny Island Chalki from Rhodes / Fedezzéktek fel Chalki szigetét Rodoszról

 In Hungarian – Egy Utazásmániás Tyúk Naplója: Fedezzék fel Chalki szigetét Rodoszról

My first post on my new travel blog site 🙂

I went on my loyalty day-off (got it from my company because i have been working for them for more than 5 years) to Chalki from Rhodes. My colleague told me it was beautiful, she had been there some weeks earlier so I decided why not? It is not so hot anymore so I will enjoy it.

2 days earlier I had my normal day-off and I decided to go to find the port, where the ship leaves from, Kamiros Skala. First I thought it is in Kamiros, so I went from Lardos, where I live, to the North to Kolymbia and after crossing the island to the West I reached Kamiros.
Well, Kamiros is not Kamiros Skala, the port is not there, where I thought it would be 🙂 So I was driving along the coastline backwards to the South and in 20 minutes I reached Kamiros Skala. Instead of 1 hour it took for about 1,5 / 2 hours to reach the port from Lardos 🙂 But now I knew I had to go first to the South and not doing the extra miles…

It is a small harbour, there are about 3 excursion ship companies, most ships leave at around 9.00/9.15. I bought a ticket to the biggest ship, which was supposed to leave at 9.15 and of course it didn’t leave then 🙂 Because there was an excursion bus full of tourists that didn’t arrive on time. So with a half-hour delay we left and it took for about an hour to get to the Island Chalki.
The ship was coming back from Chalki at 16.00 so we had about 5 hours to see everything. I must say 5 hours are more than enough. There are almost no tourists on this small island, so if you like it quiet then it is ideal for you. For me it was yes quiet but a bit too quiet. I don’t know what I would do here for more than 5 hours…

The Harbour seen from the ship
You can find plenty of Restaurants at the Harbour

The Kania Beach – beach bar
My favourite house

You can stay at the port and walk around the small houses in the narrow streets, eat something in one of the dozens restaurants. There is also a small beach that can be reached on foot from the port in 10 minutes, the Pontamos Beach. First I went there but neither the weather was that nice nor did the beach seem so exciting so I turned back and returned to the harbour.

You can also take the bus (it doesn’t leave that often, about 3 times a day) and go to one of the more far beaches. I did so and went to the Beach Kania, the ride took about 15 minutes. It is not so far, the whole island is about 28 km2, but walking in that heat can be tiring. The ticket cost 3 EUR there and back so everyone can survive it.
Kania is a tiny cute beach with sun beds, sun umbrellas and a beach bar. The water was crystal clear, turquoise blue. And it wasn’t full of tourists, you could swim without bumping into someone 🙂

After half an hour I decided I would rather go back to the harbour because I was hungry and I wanted to take some pictures of the colourful houses. It was a good idea! Such clear streets and renovated houses I haven’t seen for a long time. Not even on Symi, which is very similar to Chalki. And the houses had real colours, real and strong colours. Red, blue, green, orange, white… Many many colours. My favourite one was the yellow one with the white/blue windows and the pink flowers around it (check my pictures).

To see these magnificent vibrant houses this island is worth a visit!!!


I love colours
One of the Churches
Colourful Houses


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